Thank you for agreeing to facilitate the Praxis Course!

If you haven't read the Intro page yet, please go there first. It's a "why and what" page, while this is a "how" page.

Facilitator Overview

The Course is designed so that participants have no homework between sessions. That means you have a lot to cover when you are together.

You'll do a brief intro (we've provided talking points), then start by watching a video together, then you will facilitate a discussion using the questions provided, and close. Try to plan each pilot session for an hour and 15 minutes if possible, as the pilot videos run between 30 and 40 minutes in total.

For the video, depending on the setup where you are gathering, you can either stream it real-time from the page or download in advance and play from your computer. All our videos are hosted on Vimeo and embedded in the Course pages.

In most cases your group does not need access to the course website. You run the video in the group session, and ask the questions yourself (the site is mobile responsive to enable this). Participants may want to have a notebook to make notes during the video or discussion.


Course Outline

The Course is organized into three acts:

Act 1 // The Horizon. In Sessions 1-4, we look at entrepreneurship as a creative act that begins with an alternative imagination for the world. We lay out the theological and cultural foundations of a high vision for entrepreneurship. 

Act 2 // The Valley. In Sessions 5-7, we look at entrepreneurship as a struggle that will test the identity and hope of the leader. Our Venture Partners examine three perils of the journey of entrepreneurship: the loss of hope, the spiritual danger of service, and the problem of comparison.

Act 3 // The Road. In Sessions 8-10, we look at entrepreneurship as a long journey that requires biblical wisdom and deep community. Our Venture Scholars explore three aspects of what it takes to stay fruitfully engaged in entrepreneurial vocation for the duration: contentment, community, and power.

The facilitator notes will help you reinforce this structure. 



We think there are two potential levels of preparation:

Without watching the video. At a minimum, please take 15-20 minutes before each session to do the following: download the video (if you do not plan to stream it from the live page); read the initial facilitator notes for the session and prepare your own opening and closing thoughts; read the questions carefully and come up with your own answers so that you can lead out when appropriate.

Including watching the video. If you can spend a full hour in preparation, please watch the video as well. It will enhance your ability to facilitate a discussion that is truly helpful for your group.


After Each Session

Would you please take 5-10 minutes after each session to fill out the survey that's embedded in each session page? This will be of great help the the Praxis team as we refine and build the Course. 


Questions? Please find me at or 212.810.0774.


Many thanks,
Scott Kauffmann // Partner, Content Lead -- Praxis