Dear Praxis Course leaders and inquirers:

Thank you for helping share and live out a vision for redemptive entrepreneurship through the Praxis Course. 

In the Praxis community, we believe one of the most important tasks for Christ-following entrepreneurs is to cultivate what we call an "alternative imagination" based on how God loves and moves in the world (a theological vision) and how the world works today (a cultural vision). Then we bring new ideas, market propositions, and ventures to life as a creative response to our theological and cultural vision.

The Praxis Course is a powerful way to develop that alternative imagination among your own community, particularly among current and aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators.

Leading a Group

There's no cost to do the Praxis Course. 

Everything you need is in this site: videos and discussion questions.

Ideally you will convene a group of 6-15 adults to meet and contribute regularly (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). 

They don’t need to be active entrepreneurs right now, but they should generally be exploring ideas like entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, design, vocation, leadership, double and triple bottom lines, and integration of faith and work.

You define the group and setting -- gather people within a church, within a business or nonprofit, within a school or some other institution, or across a city or community of any kind.

Ten sessions with a simple formula: warm hospitality + great video content + facilitated discussion. Nothing to buy or ship, no homework required. 

Ideally the sessions will be about 1:15 long. The pilot videos run 30-40 minutes, and this will leave you time for open/close and significant discussion.

We ask you provide a little regular feedback on how it works for your group, and connect with us for a conversation at the end of the course to process your overall feedback. We're always tweaking and evolving the Course based on what we're hearing from you!

Your main job as facilitator is not to answer questions; it’s to create space for the most fruitful conversation and reflection.

Of course you're free to use this material however you like. But it will be most helpful to Praxis, and to the others who will take the course in the future, if you can stick to the playbook as much as possible -- as in, meet regularly with a relatively stable group of people, do all the sessions, and work through as many of the questions as you can.


What comes after?

For entrepreneurs who are already leading their ventures, Praxis offers two books that help you take the theological and cultural ideas from the Praxis Course and put them into practice.

From Concept to Scale, written by Praxis Partners Steve Graves, Dave Blanchard, Josh Kwan, and Jason Locy, tackles the inevitable challenges every entrepreneur faces when bringing something new into the world. 

Get Backed, written by Praxis Venture Partners Evan Baehr and Evan Loomis, has been described as "an insider's manual for entrepreneurs who want to raise a ton of money."

Some entrepreneurs may be ready for one of our Praxis Accelerator programs as a Business or Nonprofit fellow.

Questions? Please find me at or 212.810.0774.


Many thanks,
Scott Kauffmann // Partner, Content Lead -- Praxis