Bonus Video

Authority & Vulnerability

Andy Crouch - Partner for Theology & Culture at Praxis


Andy Crouch shows us that to flourish as a human, we need to experience both authority and vulnerability; and to help others experience the same.

True human flourishing requires both authority (capacity to take meaningful action) and vulnerability (exposure to meaningful risk). Though we might naturally think that flourishing consists of maximum authority with the least possible vulnerability, that's not the way God has created us. We need both authority and vulnerability to fulfill our purpose and participate in his redemptive work in the world.

In this talk based on his book Strong and Weak, Andy points us to Jesus as the ultimate example of living in full authority, as the son of God, and full vulnerability, in dying on the cross. He shows us how we can be more faithful image bearers in our leadership in general—and in our entrepreneurial journey in particular.


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