Course Overview

Through a free six-session video & discussion series, The Praxis Course aims to help a rising generation of leaders to develop an imagination for what we call "Redemptive Entrepreneurship"—leveraging personal and organizational power for the sake of others, leading and growing ventures that join God in the renewal of all things, in all sectors.


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1. We Create

Entrepreneurs and innovators are constantly creating and innovating—new ventures, products, services, cultures, and processes. Jon Tyson, Praxis Spiritual Director, roots our vocation in the biblical narrative of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, showing us that we bear the image of God as creator, and exploring how that truth can shape our entrepreneurial motives and imagination.



2. From Love

Entrepreneurs create out of the abundance of their hearts. Will their primary motive be greed, for the promise of wealth, prestige, and power? Ambition to create a more glittering name for themselves? Praxis Venture Partner and serial entrepreneur, Jessica Kim, shows us that love is the most powerful motive possible, and it can power everything we do as entrepreneurs. She walks us through how loving God and our neighbors can play out in the complexity of a startup. 


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3. For restoration

Entrepreneurs create and lead ventures with a broad view of how the world should be, and how their venture seeks to contribute to that change. Jon Tyson continues his talk from Session 1, explaining the rest of the biblical storyline—fall, redemption and restoration—in terms of what entrepreneurs should seek to bring about in the world. Jon presents us with a sobering challenge: rather than going out and think we are going to fix everything in arrogance, we must start by asking “What is the culture of my own heart?”


4. Through Sacrifice

What will it take to live out our calling as redemptive entrepreneurs? Certainly it requires talent, commitment, and integrity. But as Andy Crouch shows us, the gospel requires more. It gives us the vision and resources to move beyond ethics, beyond excellence, beyond integrity—to a posture of sacrifice. Through every part of our venture, from our products and brands to our workforce practices and culture, we can commit to give up some of what we might claim so that others can flourish.


5. With Hope

Entrepreneurship requires an abundance of hope. But what will we hope in? Will our primary hope be in our talent, ideas, team, or hustle? What happens if we hope in these things and our venture fails? Praxis Partner, Jena Lee Nardella, shows us how we can hope in the Lord and trust in his goodness, even when we encounter setbacks in our venture and leadership.


6. In Freedom

Fear and striving are nearly constant in the entrepreneurial journey. But entrepreneur and author, Dave Evans, commissions us to action by demonstrating that through his grace, God has given us permission to “try stuff” in the world with a spirit of freedom instead of fear.