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We're looking for Leaders to gather and facilitate small groups of friends and/or colleagues through The Praxis Course. Leaders get access to videos, discussion guides, the Praxis Course Facebook Group, and access to personal support from the Praxis team.

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Leading a course is as easy as: 

1. Gather people.
2. Organize meetings.
3. Lead discussions.
4. Follow up.

We built this Course site as a turnkey tool that allows you to lead a group with minimal prep work, plus ongoing support from us, so you can spend your precious time stewarding these relationships and ideas. If our early experiences are any indication, you will not only add great value to your group participants, but you might experience the most growth, joy, and fulfillment of anyone in the group. 

A Praxis Course Leader is someone who:

  • is eager to learn more about Redemptive Entrepreneurship with others.
  • enjoys gathering an intimate group of about 8-12 friends, coworkers, and church members. 
  • can keep the conversation moving forward by working through a set of discussion questions, sharing your own responses and experiences, and asking good follow-up questions.
  • can put people at ease, or enlist others who can.
  • gets excited about entrepreneurial approaches and creative mindsets.
  • wants to meet new like-minded people and get plugged into broader entrepreneurial communities.

A Praxis Course Leader is NOT someone who:

  • has to be an entrepreneurship expert (most of our Praxis Course Leaders are not founders!)
  • would prefer watching videos online alone and keeping thoughts to him/herself. (This is meant to be social.)
  • has a shelf full of Facilitator of the Year awards (we have Leader Guides for you to follow!)
  • knows it all. ( one likes a know-it-all anywhere in life. It's good to be humble.)
  • can't use email or calendar invites. (Part of the role is to invite people to the group, communicate through email, and send out meeting invites with date/time/location info. It's kind of important for people to know when and where to show up!)


participate in the course


Praxis Course groups are currently being formed by Praxis Course Leaders. Since the groups meet in person, and are organized by individual Leaders, we currently don’t have a way of helping plug individuals into a local group.

If someone's invited you to join a group and you're wondering what it involves, there's a page for you.

You can send us an email at with questions. However, we highly encourage you to start your own group, or encourage one or two friends or colleagues to take the lead with you! 



lead a praxis course