A VIDEO & DISCUSSION SERIES on the mindset of redemptive entrepreneurship.

At Praxis, we believe the future of culture depends largely on the worldview of the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators. They have outsized influence on what we consume, believe, and desire—as they build products, services, brands, teams, partnerships, and culture according to their vision for how the world should be.

Through a six-session video & discussion series, The Praxis Course aims to help a rising generation of leaders to develop an imagination for what we call "Redemptive Entrepreneurship"—leveraging personal and organizational power for the sake of others, leading and growing ventures that join God in the renewal of all things, in all sectors.

We invite anyone with a redemptive vision for work to gather and lead a small group through The Praxis Course.

Going through the Praxis Course as an entrepreneur gave me a solid foundation of how to lead my team and grow my company in a Christ-like manner. It opened my eyes to see the gospel from an entrepreneurial point of view, giving me the tools to create a better world through the products that my company makes.
— Aric Avedissian, Co-Founder of RAREFORM
The Praxis Course was a catalyst for change in my life. It helped me to realize the imagination God has instilled in us to create and tangibly show the gospel in the ways we do business, relate to one another, and share our creativity with the world. Each session offered a perspective I hadn’t considered and a space to have a robust conversation in community.
— Phyllis Myung, writer
Our team has been really challenged and sparked by what they’ve heard, and it’s given a great focus to our imaginations for our industries, families, ventures, and ultimately the city.
— Jonathan Middlebrooks, pastor
The Praxis Course informed and refueled my imagination of what it looks like to be a Christian in the marketplace. It redefined my view of success and ‘the good life,’ giving me more joy, confidence and hope than I have ever known about the truths of the gospel and my role in God’s redemption story.
— Melissa May, aspiring entrepreneur