we ask that, as a praxis course leader, you will:

  • Complete all six sessions, in order, with your group. 
  • Complete the feedback survey after each group session (we'll email you a link). Your feedback improves the Course and helps us advance Redemptive Entrepreneurship.  
  • Watch the intro video below of Praxis Co-Founder & CEO Dave Blanchard and Partner Scott Kauffmann, as they frame the key ideas of redemptive entrepreneurship that guide The Praxis Course.
  • Share the intro video with your group participants using the custom link below.
  • Communicate regularly with your group participants. Follow up each session with an email or group text reinforcing the key ideas of your discussion (we provide draft copy for you in each session page). 

Questions? Email us at; we'd love to connect with you.


Share the video with your group

After you watch the 13-minute intro video below, please copy the link below and paste it into an email to your group participants so that they can watch it before the first session as well.

This custom link associates participants with you as their group leader, and adds them to the Praxis Course email list, which will only be used for occasional updates about new Course-related content. They can opt out of that email at any time.

Copy this link to send to participants of this group.

Intro Video