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THE PRAXIS COURSE is A VIDEO & DISCUSSION SERIES on redemptive entrepreneurship.

At Praxis, we believe the future of culture depends largely on the worldview of the next generation of founders, innovators, and creators. They have outsized influence on what we consume, believe, and desire—as they build products, services, brands, teams, and expressions that shape culture according to their vision for how the world should be.

Through a six-session video & discussion series, The Praxis Course aims to help a generation of leaders to develop an imagination for what we call "Redemptive Entrepreneurship"—leveraging personal and organizational power for the sake of others, leading and growing ventures that join God in the renewal of all things, in all sectors.

You've been invited to be part of a Praxis Course group by a friend who's volunteered to lead one. This page is to give you a better idea of what the Course is about—but as a participant you don't need to register. Just check out the site, let your leader know you're in, and they'll communicate with you directly about your first gathering.

If you have any questions the site doesn't answer, just contact us directly. Welcome to The Praxis Course!

This Course not only reframed my thinking towards what I do, but it reframed how I think about love and grace as a believer. I’m eager to do stuff now and take action!
— Liz Newell, Adjustment Counselor/Student
Going through the Praxis Course has been a huge blessing. Each video offered remarkable insight into how faith informs my work and creativity. As I’ve discussed these topics with my church community, I’ve come away with a clearer vision of God’s calling for my life.
— Josh Ong, Director of Brand Strategy at Cheetah Mobile

frequently asked questions


Is this Course just for people working in startups?

Absolutely not! We believe culture creators are found in all different types of roles and environments. In fact, a variety of backgrounds, sectors, and even career stages can create a richer discussion and learning experience. 

The Course was designed with several types of people in mind:

  • Early-stage founders: ambitious, high-capacity, working hard to survive in the startup culture, possibly verging on burnout and isolation

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to “change the world” but might be unsure of their vocational path or options

  • Innovative organizational leaders at all levels who bring an entrepreneurial or "intrapreneurial" ethos into their work

  • Seasoned entrepreneurs and executives who want to keep learning and growing in faithful work as they mentor the next generation

  • Church leaders who want to support the entrepreneurs and innovators in their congregations

  • Artists, designers, and other creative professionals who have a vocational vision but don't connect to classic "faith/work" programs

  • Faith-skeptical but curious people in any of the above categories

Does it cost anything to participate?

Not a penny! Praxis is a 501c3 nonprofit. Our mission is to advance redemptive entrepreneurship, and we do this through programs, community, content, and ventures. The Praxis Course is one of the key ways we share and carry out that mission. 

Do I need to commit to the full six sessions?

We highly recommend that you complete all six sessions to gain the most value out of the Praxis Course. We designed the experience to result in deeper understanding and connection with like-minded people, while remaining at a manageable length.

What kind of time & work commitment is required?

No preparation is required to fully participate in each session. We intentionally designed the Course so that everything happens during the group gatherings. No homework! (As adults, we still love hearing that, don’t we?) Each session lasts for about one hour and 15 minutes (~20 minutes of watching the video + 50 minutes of discussion). 

What if I want more? Are there additional resources?

Absolutely! Praxis has been creating and accumulating key content from world-renowned speakers, authors, and practitioners who are pursuing the core ideas of Redemptive Entrepreneurship. In the footer of this site you can also subscribe to the Praxis News, our monthly email featuring the latest contributions and stories from our community. The News also features the most recent pieces in the Praxis Journal, our digital magazine of redemptive entrepreneurship.


I love this concept of redemptive entrepreneurship. I’m looking for ways to get involved with Praxis. Where do I go?

In addition to the options above, there are other ways to get involved with the Praxis community. 

  • Apply for the Business or Nonprofit Accelerator as a founder of a growth-stage venture.
  • Apply for one of the Praxis Academy programs for next-generation entrepreneurs (undergraduates and recent graduates).
  • Interested in leading your own Praxis Course group? Just REGISTER as a leader right here on the site.