Session seven

Authority & Vulnerability

Andy Crouch - Author, Praxis Scholar & Senior Strategist at John Templeton Foundation

Andy Crouch shows us what it means to be human: to truly flourish and create that for others.

True flourishing requires equal elements of authority (capacity to make meaningful action) and vulnerability (exposure to meaningful risk), connecting us to our own human purpose and our participation in His greater plan of redeeming the world.  We look to Jesus as the ultimate example of living in full authority, as the son of God, and full vulnerability, in dying on the cross, and learn what it looks like to be image bearers in our everyday lives and leadership positions.


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WATCH (X min)

DISCUSS (x min)

1. Which quadrant do you find yourself in most often: Exploiting (avoiding vulnerabilities), Suffering (lacking capacity for meaningful action) or Withdrawing (avoiding both risk and action), and why?  


2. Is there a time in your life where you experienced true flourishing? Or perhaps you have witnessed someone else flourishing? Was there someone with high authority and high vulnerability in that moment?

WATCH (X min)

REFLECT (x min)

Spend five minutes in silence, praying and reflecting on the videos. Ask participants to jot down questions that were raised, significant key points, where they felt encouraged or challenged by the Lord, etc.

DISCUSS (x min)

3. When is it necessary to hide our vulnerabilities so that others can truly flourish?


4.Crouch says that leadership is the stewardship of vulnerability. Where might you be escaping vulnerability in your life? What are some practical ways to surrender authority and step into a life of meaningful risk (increased vulnerability)?



Implement your answer from Question #4 in your daily life. A few suggestions to get the ideas flowing:

  • Ask peers, superiors, mentors for true evaluations/constructive criticism

  • Delegate - allow others to receive the credit and risk that they will fail you

  • Seek out friends who ask hard questions

  • Use one’s authority to recognize and address failure quickly instead of conceal and minimize failure 

  • Implement spiritual disciplines of solitude, silence and fasting. It is in these disciplines that we learn what we are addicted to, or enslaved by, opening ourselves up to vulnerabilities that we have ignored or denied. 

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