Grace reframed

Dave Evans—Adjunct Lecturer, Stanford; Author, Designing Your Life; Co-founder, Electronic Arts

DAVE EVANS expands our understanding of GRACE as god's invitation INTO A LIFE OF "DOING STUFF."

From his experience as a co-founder of a tech giant, through immersion in a wide variety of Christian spiritual traditions, to a series of career stints in higher education, business strategy, and publishing, Dave Evans has been helping people discover the joy and freedom in their vocation.

In this last talk of the Praxis Course, Dave reframes our understanding of the foundational Christian idea of grace. It's not only about being “saved from” the penalty for our sin; it's also about being “saved for” a life of free and imperfect action in the face of uncertainty, as we seek to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Dave Evans delivered this talk at the Praxis Annual Academy, an intensive one-week session on entrepreneurship for college students.







RECONNECT (10 min)

Last session, jon tyson redirected us to live for the approval of god rather than the world. What steps did you take to break free from "the winners' script" and live instead for the intimacy and approval of God? how did this pivot affect the way you approached your work over the last week? what did you learn?

WATCH (7 min)

DISCUSS (20 min)

1. in your church experience, has the message of grace been presented and lived only as about "saved from," or also about "saved for"?

who in your life has modeled a "saved for" understanding of grace for you?


2. THE MAN WHO WAS GIVEN ONE TALENT HID IT OUT OF FEAR: OF NOT meeting EXPECTATIONS, of not being sure what to do, of not knowing what would happen. where in your life can you identify and empathize most with the one-talent servant? are there TALENTS YOU've BEEN ENTRUSTED WITH BUT ARE concealing or safeguarding from risk?

WATCH (13 min)

REFLECT (3-5 min)

Spend a couple of minutes in silence, praying and reflecting on the videos. Ask participants to jot down questions that were raised, significant points, where they felt encouraged or challenged by the Lord, etc. 

DISCUSS (30 min)

3.  SHARE A TIME IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU or someone you know OPERATED OUT OF A “SAVED from” MINDSET. what did you learn from that?


4. RECALL JENA LEE NARDELLA’S TALK IN SESSION four, where she talked about KNOWING THE WORLD AND still choosing to love THE WORLD. the last section of her talk was an example of dave's "do stuff principle": taking action in the face of uncertainty. she learned "that it is better to do something than to do nothing ... hope means giving up apathy and despair, and instead embracing the uncertainty that terrifies you. it's the determination to stick with it even though you may not succeed."

for jena, true hope was to move forward, not just when things might not work out, but when things almost definitely would not work out as she planned. and as she looked back on that season, she not only redefined success; she also reframed grace. she came to see her lost cause as filled with "the most beautiful, extravagant examples of abundance" in her life. 

WHERE CAN YOU REFRAME GRACE IN YOUR OWN vocational journey? talk about a specific area of your work that would be different if you chose to "sin boldly" and take action without certainty.



PRAXIS BELIEVES THAT ENTREPRENEURS SEE A BETTER FUTURE AND PROCEED TO CREATE IT. NOW THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW FROM THIS COURSE, WHAT IS GOD STIRRING IN YOUR HEART TO GO OUT AND DO? think about how you might test a prototype version of some kind of redemptive work or project in your current work or in your free time.

Take some time to develop this with a friend or coworker. stay in contact with your group and update them on how this is going. 




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