The dark side of entrepreneurship

Will Haughey—CEO and Chief Blockhead, Tegu

Will haughey looks at the power and pressure of comparison in the entrepreneurial journey.

Will Haughey, co-founder of Tegu and Praxis Venture Partner, addresses the internal turmoil he experienced while building his venture and how it reframed his understanding of the identity of the entrepreneur. As he opens up about the struggles of entrepreneurship, Haughey encourages us with ways that the Christ-following entrepreneur can face them with grit and grace.




Open in Prayer


WATCH (24 min)

REFLECT (3-5 min)

Spend five minutes in silence, praying and reflecting on the videos. Ask participants to jot down questions that were raised, significant key points, where they felt encouraged or challenged by the Lord, etc.

DISCUSS (45 min)

1. When you think about Will's manifesto for entrepreneurship—"I believe entrepreneurs see a better future and proceed to create it"—has this mindset been a pattern in the way you see and respond to the world? what about others you know and admire? Give examples.


2. The governing motive of Tegu is to "create opportunity for the poor through business." How would you articulate the governing motive for your venture, or one you would like to create or join?

3. Think of a time when you have gone through the valley of informed pessimism on a project or venture. How did you respond? What kept you stalled in informed pessimism? What helped you push through to informed optimism?


4. In what ways have you been tempted to earn “gold stars” through work as a means to establish a sense of worth and identity? How has that become a source of disconnection with the God of that work? 


5. Have someone read Romans 8:18-30 out loud in your group.

Will says that for him this passage is not about God turning our failures into success, but about God having a bigger plan than you can imagine. Where have you seen this to be true in your own life?


Read Romans 8:18-30 each day this week. Reflect on your understanding of it and how it changes your daily habits and understanding of success.

End in prayer