HOW TO LEAD the praxis course

We invite you to lead others in developing the mindset of a redemptive entrepreneur.

To start, follow the six steps below.


1. Register


Registration gives you access to the Leader Guide and the actual session content for the Course (all found under Course Content). Each session is designed to guide a leader seamlessly through the process of facilitating a conversation through a mix of video content, discussion questions, and reflection activities. The videos are selected from the “greatest hits” of talks from Praxis’s Accelerator and Academy programs for entrepreneurs.


2. Form your group

Form your group

The Praxis Course is designed for small groups of 6-12 friends, coworkers, or church members to gather together, share their experiences, ask questions, and challenge each other to do work that is restorative, redemptive, innovative and faithful. As you identify people you’d like to gather for the Course, send them a link to the Participant info page at the button below. That will help them understand what you're inviting them into.


3. Launch your group

Launch your group

When you’ve identified your initial list of participants and send out invitations to Session One, please include a link to our 13-minute introductory video. This will ensure everyone arrives with a common language and foundation for Redemptive Entrepreneurship, the main theme of the Course. Use the button below to watch the video yourself, understand our expectations of you (summary: please finish the Course and give us feedback along the way!), and capture the link you’ll share with your group members.


4. Start sessionS

Start SessionS

The Course begins with talk excerpts from Jon Tyson and Andy Crouch on how our creative calling fits deeply into the story of God's work in the world. Use the Leader Guide under Course Content to prepare to facilitate the first session.

As you complete each of the six sessions with your group, please follow up in two quick ways: First, with your group. We’ve provided pre-written emails to help you challenge and encourage one another to put your beliefs and ideas into redemptive action. Second, would you please give us feedback on each session through a brief survey?


5. Complete the course

Complete the course

After session one, you and your group will explore five additional aspects of the mindset of a redemptive entrepreneur—including love, restoration, sacrifice, hope, and freedom. The Course ends with a commissioning into the pursuit of redemptive entrepreneurship. Please give us feedback each week so we can advance these ideas and resource new groups more effectively.


6. Join our community

Join our community of practice

At the end of the Course, we invite you and your group participants further into the resources, work, and touchpoints in the Praxis community of redemptive entrepreneurs. This includes reading The Praxis Journal, to joining our talent network, to applying for one of our Accelerator or Academy programs.

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7. Extend your course


You requested more content, and we listened! You may now extend your Praxis Course with one of 3 mini-courses to choose from. Each mini-course contains 2-3 sessions each and is intended to help you further develop the mindsets of redemptive entrepreneurship with your group. 

Topics include:
1. Developing a Redemptive Imagination (3 sessions)
2. Stewarding Power (2 sessions)
3. Reframing Success (3 sessions)


Email us at if you have any questions.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and into this community of redemptive work.


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